Solar Eclipse in Malaysia May 21, 2012

Solar eclipse on May 21, 2012 is visible in Malaysia. In some parts of Malaysia like Sabah & Sarawak, this Surya Grahan is visible as Pakshik Surya Grahan (Partial Solar Eclipse). The people of Kuala Lumpur and other Peninsular Malaysian places will not be able to witness this phenomenon. The next Solar Eclipse will be in November 2012.

Here is the time of Solar Eclipse in some places of Malaysia on 21 May 2012..

Kuching (Sarawak): End eclipse is about 16 minutes after the sun rises.

Bintulu (Sarawak): Eclipse end about 30 minutes after the rising sun

Miri (Sarawak): Eclipse end approximately 37 minutes after the rising sun

Kota Kinabalu (Sabah): Eclipse end approximately 50 minutes after the rising sun

Sandakan (Sabah): Eclipse end approximately 1 hour after sunrise

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Note: Please confirm the timings from local authorities before proceeding further.

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