Solar Eclipse in Canada June 2011 Time and Visibility, Surya Grahan in Canada

Solar Eclipse of 1 June 2011 will be visible from Northern Canada. Here is the time and visibility of the eclipse is given for the Surya Grahan on 1 June 2011 for some Canada cities. It includes the information of beginning of the eclipse, maximum eclipse, and the ending of eclipse. All the times given here are of Universal Time.

Alert, NT, Canada

Solar Eclipse starts: 20:43 UT

Maximum eclipse: 21:36

Eclipse ends: 22:29

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Surya Grahan begins: 22:32

Grahan madhyakaal: 22:45

Surya Grahan ends: 22:59

Chatham, NB, Canada

Solar Eclipse begins: 22:32

Maximum eclipse: 22:44

Eclipse ends: 22:57

Churchill, MB, Canada

Eclipse starts: 22:02

Maximum eclipse: 22:17

Eclipse ends: 22:31

Frobisher Bay, NT, Canada

Eclipse begins: 21:31

Mid eclipse: 22:14

Eclipse ends: 22:56

Glace Bay, NS, Canada

Eclipse begins: 22:26

Mid Eclipse: 22:44

Eclipse ends: 23:02

Inuvik, NT, Canada

Eclipse starts: 20:51

Maximum Eclipse: 21:26

Eclipse ends: 22:01

Resolute, NT, Canada

Solar eclipse begins: 20:57

Maximum solar eclipse: 21:46

Eclipse ends: 22:34

Saint John’s, NF, Canada

Eclipse begins: 22:11

Mid eclipse: 22:39

Solar eclipse ends: 23:07

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