Sivanammal Temple, Allikundam

There is a famous temple situated in Allikundam village at Madurai, and the temple name is Ma Sivanammal Temple. Since Ma Sivanammal has sacrificed her life itself after the death of her husband, Sri Nalladevan, by jumping into her husband’s pyre, a temple was formed in order to pacify her soul.

Nalladevan was appointed as a security guard with a land lord in Usilampatti Village. His main job was to collect the taxes from the village people and to handover it to the great King Thirumalai Nayakar who ruled down the present day Madurai City during 17th Century AD. Nalladevan has done his job in a remarkable manner, and once, while he was collecting the taxes, he saw a beautiful girl, Sivanammal, and he also conveyed his marriage wishes to the parents of Sivanammal. But, since they refused to his marriage proposal, one day, Nalladevan has kidnapped her on his horse, took her to his home, married her and lived a prosperous life.

But, since Nalladevan has killed some of his enemies, one day, one of his enemies has cunningly killed him. Due to that, his pious, chaste and beautiful wife, Ma Sivanammal has jumped into the sacrificial fire, and she died out of fire burns. After some time, in order to pacify the deceased souls, the local village people has built a wonderful temple for Ma Sivanammal and Lord Nalladevan at Allikundam village, and still now, people who are living in Madurai, used to visit the shrine of the divine couple, in order to seek blessings from both of them. During Shivaratri festival day, lot of devotees used to visit this excellent temple, and they would grandly celebrate the festival event for three days. The divine couple removes our diseases, sorrows, misfortunes and from black magic problems and they would give great courage, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment!

Some of the brave departed souls of the villages like Ma Sivanammal and Lord Naladevan, have become village deities, since they are considered as the protection gods, and they are also worshipped by the devotees similar to the guardian gods like Lord Madurai Veeran, Muneeswarar, Muthu Veeran, Ayyanar, Sudalai Madan and Karuppanaswamy.

Some of the Madurai rulers also worshipped the divine couple by considering them as their own Kula Deivam, and they also used to honour them by offering the Holy Prasad Items, and by the way of decorating them with ornaments, garments, fragrant flowers and flower garlands.


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