Simple procedure of Pitru Paksha | Vidhi of Shraddha Tarpana

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Mahalaya Paksha

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Mahalaya Paksha

Simple procedure of Pitru Paksha, Vidhi of Shraddha Tarpana, how Shraddha is performed in Pitru Paksha / Mahalaya Paksha?

The word Pitru Paksha is closely associated with Hindu Religious History and many beliefs are attached to it. The word is derived from Sanskrit which means Pitr (Ancestors) Paksh (phase of the moon). This ritual is carried out with immense dedication to liberate the departed souls of the ancestors.

The Shraddh is generally performed on the Tithi on which the ancestors had passed away. For the people who died in previous year, the rituals are performed on fourth day or Chautha Bharani and Fifth day or Baharani Panchami. Avidhva Navami is the day dedicated to perform the ritual for the lady who died prior to her husband. For the people who departed in un-natural death such as violence and other things, Ghata Chaturdashi is dedicated for them. The Mahalaya or Sarvpitri Amavaysa is the time to perform the Pitur Paksha for all the departed ancestors.

Generally the Shraddh is performed eldest descendant of the family at the designated holy places by wearing a Dhoti (White) and wears a ring of Kusha grass and he should have gone through the sacred-thread ceremony and the thread’s position gets changed during the ritual. After the Tarpana (oblations given to Ancestors and Gods), balls of cooked-rice, barley and ghee been served to the Crows which are considered to be sacred and if the Crow eats the offering which is called Pinda-daan, it’s believed the soul of the ancestor is departed and attained salvation.

After the Pinda-daan is offered, donations been given to the brahmans, seek their blessings and are fed with food and the whole family eats the food as Prasad and the process gets completed.

Best Places to perform Pitru Paksha Shraddha

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