Significance of Jamai Shasthi

Jamai Shasthi is a Bengali festival and is the day of the son-in-law. All family members and relatives gather around him and a jovial atmosphere is created in the house. The air of festivity creates a tenderness in all the relationships.


Jamai Sasthi is one of the most awaited festival among Bengalis. Lavish arrangements are made and the occasion is celebrated with great pomp. A feast is prepared in the in-laws house. The staple Bengali food fish, sweets and other delicacies are featured in a variety. Upon the arrival of son-in-law, fruits, dhan (paddy) and dubbo (grass) are given to the son-in-law. A phota (drop) of curd is applied on his forehead and a yellow thread is tied to his wrist. There is also an exchange of gifts between the son-in-law and his mother-in-law.

Festivals are just a social occasion for a family gathering. They are an event of sharing happiness with your family members and relatives. Jamai Sasthi is one such Bengali festival that increases the bond of the son with his in-laws.

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