Significance, Importance of Sowbhagya Gauri Vratam

The Gauri Thadiya Vratam has a great importance in terms of its rituals and its observance. Several Puranas and other Hindu religious texts have the reference of Sowbhagya Shayana Vrata. Sowbhagya Gauri Vrata 2016 date is April 9.

Reference of Gauri Puja in Hindu Scriptures:

Even Rukmini, the consort of Lord Sri Krishna, and Goddess Sita Devi, also performed Sowbhagya Gowri Shayana Vrata. Sita observed Gauri Puja everyday when she was in, Janakas (her fathers) home to get Adarsha Purush, Lord Shri Rama as her husband. Hindu Mythology tells that Goddess Gauri herself observed Kedareshwara Vrata and made her life with Gauri-Shankar after observing severe penance.

Celebrations of Sowbhagya Gouri Vratam:

Sowbhagya Gauri Vrata is performed all over India and all Hindu women observe the puja with utmost devotion. Especially in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, women worship Goddess Gauri to pay their devotion to get handsome and good husband and they observe the Gauri Pooja after their marriage to pay thanks to Divine Mother.

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