Siddhi Ganapathi, Siddhi Ganesha (Pingala Ganapathi)

Siddhi Ganapati

Siddhi Ganapati

Siddhi Ganapathi (Siddha Ganesha) is the 7th form among 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted with 4 arms (Chatur bhuja). Siddhi Ganapati (Pingala Ganapathi) is also mentioned in 21 types of Ganesha (Ekavimsathi Ganapathi) and in 16 types of Ganesha (Shodasha Ganapati).

Siddhi Ganapathi is the accomplished form of Ganesha who resembles the achievement & self-mastery.

Appearance & Iconography of Siddhi Ganapathi

Siddhi Ganapathi shines in golden yellow colour. In his hands, he holds a mango fruit, stick of sugarcane, a bunch of flowers and an axe. In his trunk, he holds sesame sweet. As his complexion is also known as ‘Hema Pingala varna’, he is also known as ‘Pingala Ganapathi’.

Siddhi Ganapati Mantram: Siddhi Ganesha Dhyanam

Pakva chootha phala kalpa manjaree

Mikshu rasaathala modakaissaha

Udwahan parashu hasthathe namah

Sri sahaayayutha deva pingala


Siddhi Ganapathi is worshipped in Tantric form of puja & vamachara puja vidhana. Siddhi Ganesha is worshipped on Ganesha Jayanti, Ganesha Chaturthi, Durva Ganapati vrat, Putra Ganapati Vrata, etc. Those who worship Siddhi Ganesha will be blessed with prosperity and mastery (siddhi).

In Mumbai, there is a famous Ganesh temple called ‘Siddhi Vinayak Temple’.

Siddhi Ganapathi Dhyana Mantra

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