Shukravaar Vrat Katha, Story of Friday Vrat

Shukravaar Vrat is observed on Fridays to pay respect to the planet Venus. The story or the legend of Shukravaar Vrat is associated with three friends – a Brahmin, and two persons belonged to a baniya family and a royal family.

Shukravaar Vrat Katha goes like this…..

Once there lived three friends who belonged to Brahman, Baniya and a Royal Family. Though all of them were married, the baniya had not bought home his wife after the marriage ceremony. His friends suggested that he should get back his wife at the earliest and enjoy his married life.

The baniya could not wait any longer and decided to bring home his wife from his in laws place. But his parents advised him not to do that at the moment as Venus had still not set into the horizon and it was inauspicious to do that . However he was not in a mood to listen and proceeded to his in laws place. Over there, even his in-laws gave him the same advice but he did not listen to them.

On their way back home, the wheel of the bullock cart got damaged and the bullock’s legs were also injured in the accident. The baniya still decided to move ahead and he was faced with a gang of dacoits who looted his wife’s jewellary and injured him badly. He was also bitten by a poisonous snake before reaching home.

There the brahman friend who came to know about the events said that it was because of the effect of planet Venus and advised them to return back to their in-laws place.

Upon reaching there, the baniya was cured with minor treatment and was out of danger. He stayed there till the planet Venus was visible in the horizon and then returned to his home. After this event, he observed fast on every Friday and lived a happy life with his wife.

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  1. kavitha says:

    I recite the shukravaar vrat katha every week and pray to Goddess Lakshmi in the evening. It has given me lots of comforts and power in life. I advise everyone else to practice the shukra vaar vrat and get the blessings