Shrinathji Patotsav at Nathdwara Temple

Shrinathji Patotsav at Nathdwara Temple is observed on Krishna Saptami in Faagan Month (Falgun Month) as per the traditional Rajasthani Hindu calendar (North Indian Hindi calendars). In 2013, Shrinathji Patotsav date is March 4. As per Gujarati calendars, it marks the Krishna Saptami in Magh Month.

Meaning of ‘Paat’ is ‘to place the swaroop of Lord in Sinhasan’. This utsav is called ‘Patotsav’. There are several incidents in Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapurana regarding placing Lord Shree Krishna on Sinhasan. Some of the incidents are:

1. Raas Panchadhyayi: After the Gopigeet, Shree Prabhu re-appeared before Shree Gopikas. After the darshan, Shree Gopikas made Shree Prabhu to sit on Sihasan i.e. “PAAT”.

2. Shree Sudama also made Shree Prabhu sit on ‘Pat’ when Shree Prabhu visited his home.

3. Dharmaraaj Yuthisthira, in Rajsuya Yagya, made Shree Prabhu to sit on throne and did the poojan.

Thus with all the above bhavas, ‘Patotsav’ was started to be celebrated.

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