Shravana Nakshatra Stotram | Thiruonam Nakshatra Stotram

Shravana nakshatra, also known as Thiruonam nakshatram in Tamil and Malayalam, is the 22nd one in 27 nakshatrams in Hindu Astrology. Shravana Nakshatra stotram is a daily prayer for Sravana nakshatra natives to chant. Reciting this daily stotram (Nitya Parayana stotra) gives tremendous happiness, self confidence, and wealth for the natives of Sravana nakshatra. The natives of each padam or Charan of nakshatra have different stotram to recite but chanting all the mantras of the Nakshatra will be highly meritorious.

Shravana Nakshatra stotram for 1st Padam or Charan:

Udbhavah Sundarah Sundo Ratnanabhah Sulochanah
Arko Vajasanah Shrungi Jayantah Sarva-Vij-Jayi

Thiruonam Nakshatra stotram for 2nd Padam or Charana:

Suvarna-Bindur-Akshobhyah Sarva-Vagishvareshvarah
Mahahrado Maha-Garto Maha-Bhuto Maha-Nidhih

Shravana Nakshatra stotram for 3rd Pada or Charan:

Kumudah Kundarah Kundah Parjanyah Pavano Anilah
Amrutasho Amrutavapuh Sarvagyah Sarvato-Mukha

Thiruonam Nakshatra stotram for 4th Pada or Charan:

Sulabhah Suvratah Siddhah Shatru-Jit Shatru-Tapanah
Nyagrodho Adumbaro-Svatthas Chanurandhra-Nishudhanah

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