Shravana Masam at Srisailam Temple



Pujas and celebrations of Shravana Masam at Srisailam Temple are the jubilant events that take place at Jyotirlinga Temple. Shravana masam is considered an auspicious month for Shiva Puja in Hindu calendar. In 2023, Shravan month starts on August 17 and ends on September 15.

Shravana Somavaram (Mondays in Shravan Month) is highly meritorious day to worship Lord Shiva. In 2023, Shravana Somavaram dates are – August 21, August 28, September 4, September 11.

These Utsavams are performed in Sravanam (August – September) the 5th month of Indian Calendar. In this month several special poojas are offered to God and Goddess.

The special feature of this utsavam is of that Akhanda Sivanama Sankeerthana (Bhajana) performed round the clock continuously throughout the month.

Shravan Somvara Vratam dates in 2023

Shravan Mangalavara Vratam (Mangalagauri Vratham)

Shravan Budhvara Puja

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Shravan Ravivar Vrata

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