Shoolini Mela 2023 | Solan Shoolini Mela

Solan Shoolini Mela in Himachal Pradesh, the most celebrated fair in Solan, is celebrated for 3 days in June every year. Maa Shoolini, the principal deity of the town, is reckoned as the powerful Goddess in the area. In 2023, Shoolini Mela begins on June 16 and ends on June 18.

Shoolini Mela, dated back to the 19th century AD is a traditional jubilation solemnised even before the conception of the present day Solan district. It is believed that at this time of the year Goddess Shoolini goes to see her elder sister Goddess Durga at the Mata Durga Temple situated in Ganj Bazaar of Solan.

Shoolini Mela inaugurates with the traditional Pooja of the Goddess Shoolini at her own temple situated along the Shilly Road. and cultural legacy. An assortment of cultural activities such as dancing, singing, wrestling and many more comprise this three days celebration at Solan.

Thousands of devotees from Solan and from neighbouring regions congregate at Shoolini Devi Temple to participate in initial Pooja and seek the blessings of the Goddess. The Pooja is succeeded by a grand procession wherein Maa Shoolini is taken out of her temple in a fully decked palanquin. The procession passes through the various streets of Solan and reached the ultimate destination of Maa Shoolini, Mata Durga Temple of the Ganj Bazar.

Maa Shoolini stays at her sister, Mata Durga, for three days and then returns back to her own abode. The third day marks the culmination of the Mela which is celebrated with utmost pomp and gaiety.

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