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Shodasha Gauri | Names of 16 Gauri

‘Shodasha Gauri’ is the collective name for sixteen manifestations of Goddess Gauri. Sometimes, sixteen Gauris are described as the Chief Avarana devatas of Swayamvara Parvati Homa.

In the list of 16 Gauri, Swarna Gauri, Maunagauri and Karthika Gauri are associated with various vratas and pujas.

The names of Shodasha Gauri

1. Swarnagauri

2. Arkagauri

3. Tantrini gaurI

4. Trilochana Gauri

5. Maunagauri

6. Angushta GaurI

7. Sandoha Gauri

8. Keshabandhana Gauri

9. Purna Gauri

10. Kapittha Gauri

11. Saubhagya Gauri

12. Brihadgauri

13. Upangalalita Gauri

14. Kunda Gauri

15. Badari Gauri

16. Kartika Gauri

Shodasha Gauri Vratham is observed popularly in Bhadrapada Month as Gauri Ganapati Pujan.

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