Shiva Temples in Kunnathunadu Taluk, Ernakulam

The Taluk of kunnathunadu is blessed with many Siva temples. It is scattered in the villages and sub-towns of this particular taluk in Ernakulam district of Kerala.

In the village of Koovappati are located Aimuri Sree Siva Temple at Aimuri Jn on Perumbaavoor Aalaattuchira road (via Vallam), Cherutrikka Kallambalam Sree Siva Temple at Maavelippati stop on Perumbaavoor – Aalaattuchira road (via Vallam),  Manakkal kaav Sree Siva Temple, Pisharikkal temple on Perumbaavoor – Aalaattuchira road,  Cheranelloor Sree Siva Temple on Perumbaavoor – Cheranalloor road, Etavoor Sree Mahadeva Temple at Aalumpoode on Perumbaavoor – Koovappati – Tottuva – Cheranalloor road, Etavoor Sree Sankara naaraayana Temple at Ambalanata stop on Perumbaavoor – Koovappati – Kootalappaad (via) Kaalady road and Sree Mahadevar Temple; 0.25 km on Perumbaavoor – Aalaattuchira road.

In the village of Vengoor are situated Kotambilli Sree Sankara naaraayana Temple at Kotambilli stop on Perumbaavoor – Kotambilli road, Pralayakkaat Sree Mahadeva Temple, Turutti at Pralayakkaat stop on Perumbaavoor – Pralayakkaat – Paannakuzhi road and Karnar Sree Sankara naaraayana Temple at Mekkappaaya on Perumbaavoor – Mekkeppaaya road.

In the village of  Asamannoor are located Metala Sree (Kallil Trikka) Siva Temple at Otakkali Jn. on Perumbaavoor – Metala – Muvaattupuzha road, Punnayam Sree Mahadeva Temple, via Kuruppumpati; at Cherukunnam (via canal road) and Aaleli Sree Sankara naaraayana Temple at Otakkali via Kuruppumpati and on Canal stop on Perumbaavoor – Kotamangalam road,

In the village of Raayamangalam are situated Perakkattil Sree Siva Temple, Panikkar Ambalam Sree Siva Temple at Panikkarambalam stop, Ponnitaayi Sree Siva Temple on Perumbaavoor – Kotamangalam road, Keezhillam Sree Perum Thrikovil Mahadeva Temple at Keezhillam stop on Muvaattupuzha – Perumbaavoor road (M.C. road),  Iringole Sree Vattolippaatam Iravicchira Siva Temple at Vattolicchira on Perumbaavoor – Kotamangalam road and Kuttikkaat Sree Pulluvazhi Mahadeva Temple, at Keezhillam.

In the town of Perumbaavoor are located Sree Chitteeswaram Mahadeva Temple near Travancore Rayons campus at Kaanhirakkat, Kavil Pallathu Siva Temple at Airapuram,  Kalankulangara Shiva Temple, Sacred Siva temple on the riverbed, Kalari Temple at Kulangara Akathoot and Kadali Sree Mahadeva Temple at West Vengola on Perumbaavoor (via) Kizhakkambalam road.

In the village of Vengola are located Tekkamala Sree Mahadeva Temple, Poonnoor Sree Siva Temple at Valayanchirangara and Pirakkaat Sree Mahadeva Temple at Araykapati Jn.

In the village of Vaazhakkulam are located Sree Chitteswaram Siva Temple and Sree Keezh Trikkovil Siva Temple at Maarambilli. In the village of Kizhakkambalam are located Eramkulam Sree Siva Temple at Yarappampaara stop on Perumbaavoor – Ernakulam road (via) Pattimattam,  Poyyakkunnu Sree Siva Temple at Sevanappati on Perumbaavoor – Aluva road (via) Kizhakkambalam, Vilangu Sree Siva Temple, near Keetex stop on Perumbaavoor – Kizhakkambalam road and Varyancheri Trikkayil Sree Siva Temple at Kummanot Jn.

In the village of Mazhuvannoor are located Vimmala Sree Siva Temple, (via) Perumbaavoor; at Valayanchirangara Jn, Kaarolil Sree Siva Temple at Mannoor stop, Nellatt Sree Mahadeva Temple near Nellat stop on Perumbaavoor – Kolancherri road (via) Mannoor, Vatakkekkara Sree Siva Temple at Veettoor Jn, Valampoor Sree Siva Temple at Valamboor Jn and Sree Siva Temple at Mazhuvannoor south stop.

In these temples, special pujas and rituals are conducted on the festive day of Shivarathri. Most of these temples are built according the Kerala style of temple architecture with more wood works. In some of the temples there is a blend of Dravidian blend in wood works and temple structures. All the Lord Shiva related auspicious days and religious important days are celebrated in grand manner in these temples.

In the village of Aikkaranaat are located Katamattam Sree Mahadeva Temple at Nambyarpati stop, Sree Poontara Tevarnata (Lord Siva) Temple at Peruvamkatav (Peruvummuzhi katav), Tonnikka Sree Mahadeva Temple near Kolancherri Medical Mission Hospital, Tiruvaalukunnatt Sree Mahadeva Temple at Paangote Jn, Kaarikkott Sree Mahadevar Temple near Katayirupp Govt. Hospital Jn. Stop and  Ezhipram Sree Vettikkal kaav Siva Temple at Ezhipram stop.

In the village of Kunnattunaat are located Keeramkuzhi Sree Mahadeva Temple at Paatattinkara stop on Trippunittura road, Pallikkara Sree Mahadeva Temple at Ambalappati stop and Vempilli Sree Siva Temple at Ambalappati Jn. on Vempilli road.

In the village of Puttankurissu are located Harimattam Sree Maha Siva-Vishnu Temple at Ambalamede Jn. on Trippunittura – Aluva road and Pannikkot Sree Maheswara Temple at Puttumanoor near Varikkoli stop.

In the village of Tiruvaaniyoor are located Sree Mahadeva Temple near Puttankurissu,             Mattakkuzhi Sree Siva Temple,  Kuzhiyara (Kuzhiyettu) Sree Mahadeva Temple at Kokkappilli (via) Tiruvankulam, Vettikkal Sree Siva Temple near Mulanturutti and Kakkattukara Sree Siva Temple at Maamala (via) Tiruvankulam. In the village of Paalakkamattam Sree Mahadevar temple is located at Kinginimattam (via) Kolancheri on the way towards Pootrikka to Aikkaranaat south village.

In all these temples, the time schedule of opening are early morning to mid-noon and later in evening hours to dusk. On the other hand, during auspicious days and important religious days are marked with long hours. Special pujas and rituals are performed on all the important days related to Lord Shiva. These temples are perfect blend of Dravidian and Kerala style of temple architecture style.

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