Shiva Temples in Kochi, Ernakulam

The municipal town of Kochi in the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala in southern India is blessed with many ancient, medieval and recent origins Lord Shiva temples. Shivarathri is the main festival of these temples.

Moreover all the auspicious days and religious important days related to Lord Shiva are celebrated with much devotion and dedication in these temples.

The temples located in Kochi are Sree Manikeswar Mahaadeva Temple at Aanavaatil on Ernakulam – Mattancherri road, Sree Udyaneswaram Siva Temple at Anavaatil stop on Ernakulam – Mattancherri road, Karinkal Ambalam Sree Keraleswar Temple, Mattancheri at R.G. Pai road on Ernakulam-Fort-Cochin route, Sree Siva Temple and Sree Siva-Maariamman Temple on Ernakulam-Fort-Cochin road.

One of the ancient temples of this region is Cochin Mutaliyar Bhagam Sree Rameswaram (Thoppumpady) Siva Temple. According to the Hindu religious scholar and pundits, the idol was brought from Rameswaram that is known as Dakshina Kasi and installed here. It is near 500- 1000 years old.  It is situated at Thoppumpady on Ernakulam-Mattancheri-Fort-Cochin road.

The other temples of this region are Sree Muttaaramman (Siva-Parvati) Temple at north of Panayappilli stop on Ernakulam-Toppumpati road (via) Mattancherri, Sree Sankara naaraayana Temple at Pallurutti on Toppumpati – Etakkocchi road, Vetaala Devaswam Sree Siva Temple near Azhakiyakaav stop on Toppumpati – Etakkocchi road, Sree Bhavaaneeswara Devaswam Siva Temple at Pallurutti on Ernakulam – Etakkocchi road, Sree Parameswara Kumaaramangala Temple on Ernakulam – Etakkocchi road (via) Toppumpati, Perumbatapp Sree Sankara naaraayana Temple at Gumayanta stop on Ernakulam – Kumbalangi road and Sree Siva-Subramanya Temple at Vyttila Jn.

The Lord Shiva temples that are located in the heart of Kochi region in the district of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala are as follows. They are Chalikkavattam Sree Trikkovil Temple, Ernakulam near Chakkarapparamb on Paalarivattam – Chakkarapparamb road, Tycaattu Sree Siva Temple, Ernakulam on Ernakulam – Paalarivattam – Eroor road, Pokkaalatt Sree Siva Temple at Etappalli on Ernakulam – Kaakkanaat road, Mylalatt Sree Siva Temple at Etappalli near Bypass road and Etappalli Sree Mahadeva Temple at Etappalli H.S. stop on Ernakulam – Aluva road.

It is to be noted that one amongst the 108 Siva temples located in Kochi is Sree Maha Siva Temple between Joss Jn. and Boatjetty. Other important temples are Kaloor Paavakkulam (Pavakkulam) Sree Mahadeva Temple at Perattoor, Putukkalavattam Sree Mahadevar Temple at Elamakkara, Parne Mahadevar, Thrikkakara Temple at Edathala, Dutch Palace Shiva Temple at west Kochi,

Other popular temples of this region are as follows. In the town of Mulavukaat are located Konaat Sree Siva Temple, Keraleswarapuram Sree Mahadeva Temple and Pandara Parambu Mahadevar Temple.  In the sub-town of Cheranallor are located Sree Kaleeswara Temple and Maaraapparamb Sree Siva Temple. In the town of Kalamasseri is situated Mannookkav Sree Siva Temple on Pookkaattupati – Ernakulam route.

In the village of Tiruvaankulam are situated Trikkatra Sree Siva Temple, Perunninakulam Sree Siva Temple, and Sree Siva Temple, via Trippunittura on Ernakulam – Muvattupuzha route. In the scared hills of Chottaanikkara are located Mekkaav Sree Siva Temple and Eruvelil Sree Siva Temple. In the village of Mulanturutti are situated Paambra Sree Mahadeve Temple and Vaikkattu madhom Sree Siva Temple at Maniyaampuram.

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