Shiva Shayana Chaturdashi | Shiv Shayani Chaturdashi



Shiva Shayana Chaturdashi is an auspicious Vrata observed in Ashada Month. In 2022, Shiva Shayana Chaturdashi date is July 12. It is observed to mark the Yoganidra (meditative sleep) of Lord Shiva for four holy months, Chaturmas.

Shiva Shayan Chaturdashi is followed by Shiva Shayan Vrata which begins on Ashada Purnima, the day of Vyas Purnima or Guru Purnima. This vrata is observed mainly in Odisha and some other Eastern parts of India.

Puranas described that as similar to Lord Vishnu who sleeps on Ksheer Sagar for four months, Lord Shiva also goes into sleep for four months. Shiva ties all sins of with his ‘Jhata Jhoot (hair) and sleeps on tigers skin. Hence, it is called as Shiva Shayanotsavam. During Shiva Shayanotsav, four holy months, Lord Shiva demolishes sins and evil and establishes wellness and prosperity.

Reciting Shiva Purana is highly meritorious. Lord Shivas idol is swung in a cradle during Shiva Dolotsav.

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