Shiva Nandeeswarar temple, Tirukandalam, Thiruvallur

Sri Shiva Nandeeswarar temple is located in the village named Tirukandalam, in the district of Thiruvallur, in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The main deity of this temple is Shiva Nandeeswarar (Lord Shiva) and his consort is Anandavalli. The festival deity is Somaskandar.

The holy tree of this temple is Kalli. The holy water of this temple is Nandi Theertham. The agamam or pooja of this temple is known as Shivagama. This temple is nearly 1000-2000 years old in this region. The historical name of this place is Tirukallil.

According to the local legends and scholars, “In his Thevaram hymn, saint Tirugnanasambandar describes the mastery of Lord Shiva as a singer, dancer and wearing serpent ornaments. Yet He holds a begging bowl and resides in a Kalli forest praised by devotee scholars. This is the 18th Shiva temple in Thondai Mandalam region praised in Thevaram hymns.”

The festivals that marks this particular shrine are Tirukarthikai in November-December, Skanda Sashti in October-November, Mahashivrathri in February-March, Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January, New Year day as per the English calendar and Tamil calendar, Vaikunta Ekadashi day, Amavasya and Pournami are celebrated with much devotion and dedication at this particular temple.

The temple’s speciality is that in separate shrine, Lord Shiva appears as ‘Shakti Dakshinamurthy’. He is seen holding the palm leaves and the Nectar Pot in His left hands plus largely embracing Mother. On the other hand, noted Sage Brugu is seen nearby wholeheartedly worshipping the Lord. It is one of the ancient temple that is much sought after in this region.

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