Shiva Showers his grace even on Demons

Ravana Anugraha Murthy is a kind aspect of the Lord Shiva, who would be seated in the Holy Mount Kailash along with Ma Parvati, when Ravana of Lanka tries to lift it. The pictures portraying Ravana, Shiva and Parvati can be seen in the Shiva Temples, and also some sculptures of Ravana Anugraha Murthy are beautifully carved in some Shiva temples.

Once King Ravana defeated Kubera and took the wealth of Kubera along with him in his Alakapuri city, which is situated near Mount Kailash. After the victory, Ravana’s chariot could not fly over Mount Kailash. As a result Ravana decided to lift Moutain Kailash. Due to that, Ma Parvati was frightened and hugged Lord Shiva. But Shiva pressed his leg on the mountain, and due to that, Ravana’s hands were crushed under the Kailash Mountain. Due to severe pain, Ravana began to sung beautiful songs in praise of Shiva, and as result, Lord Shiva released him, and also grant a powerful sword and a Shivalinga for his regular worship.In this popular form, Lord Shiva looks very calm, comforts his consort, and taught a nice lesson to Ravana.

In the temple sculptures, we can see the mountain of Kailash, the divine attendants like Nandikeswarar, sages and some peculiar birds and animals, and Lord Shiva and Parvati are sitting on the top of the holy mountain. Some Gandharvas are also stays in the sacred mountain by singing beautiful songs on Lord Shiva and Parvati, by playing the divine instrument Yazh. Their two sons, Lord Vinayaka and Muruga, also can be found. Ravana is sculpted as a strong man lifting the mountain with all his powers.

Those who worship Lord Shiva as Ravana Anugraha Murthy would get great boldness and strength in their mind and body, and all of their reasonable wishes would be fulfilled by Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati Devi.


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