Is Lord Shiva a Ferocious God?

Lord Shiva on Nandi

Lord Shiva on Nandi

No. Lord Shiva is not at all a ferocious god, but he is our precious god. He contains very soft nature, and he shows his utmost love and affection on his devotees. We would have noticed in the Shaivite texts that some Shiva devotees, out of their true Shiva Bhakti, have gone to the extent of calling Lord Shiva as Pitha, which means mad man. On hearing these words from his devotees, Shiva didn’t get angry, but showered his grace on to them. The great Kannappa Nayanar, who was a hunter used to offer non vegetarian items as holy Prasad to him. Lord Shiva happily accepted the items and blessed him. The great Sakkiya Nayanar, used to throw stones on the holy Shiva Lingam, by considering it as flowers, and Lord Shiva also accepted it and made those stones to turn into beautiful fragrant flowers.

Only during the time of deluge, Lord Shiva used to destroy the entire universe, as per the rules of the law. When Arjuna fought with the great Keerat Avatar of Lord Shiva, Shiva didn’t get angry with him, but instead of that, he offered lot of boons to him. Lord Shiva changed the minds of several demons like Andhaka and Banasura, into pure and pious, and made them into his divine attendants in Kailash.

Lord Shiva along with his consort Ma Shakti Devi are called as the Divine parents of the entire universe. During the time of deluge, Lord Shiva used to dance and dance, and it was known as Shiva Thandavam, and he used to do like that, in order to bring happiness to the entire universe. Lord Shiva’s unlimited love showered on us cannot be explained by us in words. He always thinks about the welfare of his devotees, and he also tries to find out the ways to sort out their problems.

Similar to Lord Shiva, his avatars like Hanuman, Veerabhadra and Kalabhairava are very powerful, and they are described in the Puranas, as the “MOST PRECIOUS AVATARS OF LORD SHIVA”. We might have read an interesting story, that after granting boon to the demon Bhasmasura, Lord Shiva began to hide from him, in order to save his life, and then due to the help of Lord Vishnu, who has turned himself into a beautiful woman, “MOHINI”, and Mohini cunningly destroyed the demon Bhasmasura from his own hands. From this story, we could knew, that how Lord Shiva is very generous towards granting boons to his devotees.

Let us worship Lord Shiva along with Ma Shakti Devi and be blessed.


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