Sri Shiva Bala Siddhar

Sri Shiva Bala Siddhar was the main person towards the formation of the Mailam Murugan Temple, which is situated in Villupuram District. Bala Siddhar in his previous birth was served as one of the Chief Divine Guard of Lord Shiva’s holy abode, the Kailasa.

In order to promote Shaivism and in order to spread the Shiva Bhakti amongst the people, Lord Shiva had made a divine play by cursing him to be born as a pure hearted Shaivite Saint in the earth.

Sri Shiva Bala Siddhar was born before few centuries ago at a village in the present day Villupuram District. From his birth itself, he was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, and even at the time of crying for milk, he used to raise the voice of “S H I V A” only.

After completing his basic education, he served for some time, as a priest in the nearest Shiva Temple, and discharged his duties in a wonderful manner. When his parents were decided to perform marriage to him, he hesitated, and revealed his wishes of becoming a Shaivite Saint. In course of time, his parents were also agreed, and hence, Sri Shiva Bala Siddhar began to settle down at the present day Mailam Town, he constructed a small hut for him in that place, and began to continuously recite the Shiva Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”. He also performed severe penance on Lord Muruga, in order to get his divine vision.

But, in order to test his pure bhakti, Lord Murugan had sent his two wives in the form of two female Shaivite Saints and asked him to live with Siddhar for some time. Ma Valli and Ma Devasena has taken the form of female Saints, visited the ashram of Siddhar, and stayed with him for a few days. Bala Siddhar considered the two pretty women in the form of Shakti Devi, and worshipped both of them. On one fine day, Lord Muruga has transformed himself in the form of a hunter, and appeared before Bala Siddhar.

The great Siddhar didn’t recognise the true form of the hunter, and hence, he fought with him for a few days. Finally, Lord Muruga has revealed his true divine form to Siddhar, and also has shown his full form (Viswaroopa Darshan). Siddhar was able to see the entire universe on the body of Lord Muruga, and he also sought apology to Lord Muruga to forgive his mistake. With a wonderful smile, Lord Muruga has blessed him, and the two female saints were also transformed in the form of Ma Valli and Ma Devasena, and they also blessed him with a motherly affection.

Then, as per the request of Bala Siddhar, Lord Muruga and his two consorts had left their divine aspects on that place, and went to their holy abode, the wonderful Sri Skanda Loka. In course of time, Sri Shiva Bala Siddhar had constructed a marvellous temple for Lord Muruga at the present day Mailam, and thereafter the temple is popularly called by the Murugan Devotees, as Sri Mailam Murugan Temple. Here Lord Muruga gives his wonderful darshan from his main shrine along with his two consorts. Due to the significance of this Mailam Temple, this temple is also considered to be the seventh earthly abode of Lord Muruga.

At present this temple is being excellently administered by the Mailam Bommapura Adheenam, and daily, tasty free food is also being served to the visiting pilgrims at noon.

Written by
R Harishankar

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