Shirdi Saibaba Suprabhatam

shirdi sai baba

shirdi sai baba

In the early morning during the sun rise when we start reciting the Suprabhatam (Early Morning praise in favour of our beloved saint/deity), we could realize that how the great almighty dwells on our soul. It is the great almighty who gives the necessary powers to us to perform our day to day activities. Our actions must be mainly based on realising the divinity, and by helping others. Our thoughts must be focused only on Sri Shirdi Saibaba and not on anything else. We should develop the regular practice of chanting the Shirdi Sai Suprabhatamin order to prove our bhakti towards him.

We should consider ourselves as the children of Sri Shirdi Saibaba. Though we live on any part of the world, but we should keep on thinking only about our dear Sainath Maharaj. The great Sainath is also daily waiting to hear the Holy Suprabhatham from our mouth.Apart from reciting the Holy Suprabhatham, we should also adorn him with flowers and nice garments. Our Dear Sainath can also be worshipped in the form of Ma Shakti Devi, since he acts as our own mother and removes our tears during the times of our sufferings.

Let us chant the Sri Shirdi Sai Suprabhatham in order to please the great Saint.

O Son of God! O the great Saint of Shirdi, our Dear Sai! Sun rise was already started. Please, awake, O Lord Saibaba, in order to take care of your devotees.

Awake, Awake, O Lord of Shirdi! O Lord of the entire Universe! Awake, O our affectionate Lord! Let you fill up happiness, prosperity, peace and goodness in the lives of all of your devotees.

In the Holy Shirdi, devotees are waiting to have your Darshan. The radiance of the Sun can be seen all over the World. O Lord Shirdi Sai! Bless us and let us pray to you for an auspicious day.

Devotees keep singing songs in praise of you. We can see the happy faces of your devotees at Shirdi. Kindly shower your entire Grace by giving your marvellous Darshan. O Lord Shirdi Sai! Let us pray to you to start with an auspicious and blessed day.

We can see that large number of your devotees have come from faraway places in order to witness your divine darshan. Please get up soon in order to give your divine vision to them.
We can see the cries of some of the devotees due to their sufferings, please get up soon, in order to remove the troubles and turmoil of your devotees.

The devotees would get great happiness and enthusiasm when they see your attractive and charming face. O Lord Shirdi Sai! Please remove the sins and diseases of your devotees through your super natural powers.

We can also hear the chanting of Vedic mantras by your devotees. O Lord Shirdi Sai! Please accept their prayers and do the needful.

O Lord of Shirdi, even the sun wants to see your marvellous face, since he hides itself on the clouds, please give your divine appearance, in order to make the sun god to deliver his brightness to the entire world.

O Lord Shirdi Sai! Only with your blessings, the sun and the moon, and the entire planets are able to discharge their functions effectively and efficiently, please wake up soon in order to make the entire universe to function in a good manner.

Oh our Dear Shirdi Sainath, please bless all of your devotees with your lotus hands, and let everybody gets delighted on getting your auspicious blessings forever in their life.

Oh Lord of Shirdi, we consider you as the great Lord Krishna, the brave Muruga, the First god Vinayaka, Lord Ayyappa, and you are our holy mother Ma Shakti Devi. You are everything for us, we don’t want to waste even a single moment in our life, without thinking about you, please get up soon, and deliver your wonderful smile before your devotees.

Oh Shirdi Sainath, in this difficult Kaliyuga, you act as the saviour to your devotees, those who call your name at any place receives your instant blessings. Those who do any act by chanting your name would be able to do it easily. Please get up soon and bless us, Oh Shirdi Sai, the great.


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