Shib Mandir Durga Puja 2012

The Shiv Mandir has come up with the theme of “Cloning” for this year’s Durga Puja. We can recall that cloning is not a new concept to Hinduism. In ancient times. Goddess Durga had to fight the mighty demon Rakth Beej who would multiply with every drop of his blood into one more demon. This symbolically represents cloning.

On the same idea, Shiv Mandir has depicted the sheep which was first cloned and also mentions the ill effects of cloning. The centre roof designing with different painted bones and skeletons tells us that cloning will only end us in same manner without any individual identification. The war between Durga and Rakth Beej is depicted beautifully and intricately using tin as amaterial. At the entrance, you can find the nature clock depicting that going against nature is not healthy for the growth of mankind.

This is one of the oldest Pujas which was initiated in 1936. They moved into themed puja from the year 1999. They have worked on various themes and won numorous awards for their work. Some of their awards and themes for durga puja are mentioned below:

2011 “Art of Bamboo”

2010 “ Nature – Prakriti” ( CESC True Spirit Award)

2009 “Utsaber Vela” (Pratay Sharod Sanman)

2008 “Nana ruper Durga” (Kolkata TV Award)

2007 “Kaal Chakra” (Mahindra Bolero Award)

Location and Contact:

Shib Mandir Sarbojonin Durgotsab Samiti

25, Lake Temple Road

Kolkata 700 029

Phone : 033 2465 6749

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