Shashta Graha Kutami, 13 September 2020 to 15 September 2020 | Highly Auspicious Muhurat in our Lifetime

Planetary Transit Rahu Ketu Saturn Jupiter

Planetary Transit Rahu Ketu Saturn Jupiter

From 13 September 2020 to 15 September 2020, for three days, the world can experience the Shashta Graha Kutami, the astrological concept of ‘Six Planets in their own Houses’.

According to many astrologers, this is highly auspicious muhurtham. Performing any good deed and sacred rituals during this period gives immense merits as it is the highly meritorious muhurat falling after five centuries and the one and only in this Millennium, even in our lifetime.

Timings of Shashta Graha Kutami

Shashta Graha Kutami begins at 10.37 AM, 13 September 2020, Sunday

Shashta Graha Kutami ends at 2.26 PM, 15 September 2020, Tuesday.

During Shashta Graha Kutami, six planets will reside in their own houses. Such as..

Surya in Simha (Sun in Leo)

Chandra in Karka (Moon in Cancer)

Kuja in Mesha (Mars in Aries)

Budha in Kanya (Mercury in Virgo)

Brihaspati in Dhanu (Jupiter in Sagittarius)

Shani in Makara (Saturn in Capricorn)

This astrological combination gives good results for all the natives. And especially..

More Fruitful for (Adhika Shubha Phala) – Mesha Rashi, Karka Rashi, Simha Rashi, Kanya Rashi and Vrischika Rashi natives

Fruitful for (Swalpa Shubha Phala) – Vrishabha Rashi, Mithuna Rashi, Tula Rashi and Dhanu Rashi natives.

By performing these small remedies you can mitigate any negative results and can pacify the particular planet…

Sunday, 13 September 2020 – Deeparadhana & Aditya Hridayam Parayana

Monday, 14 September 2020 – Deeparadhana & Shiva Stotram Parayana

Tuesday, 15 September 2020 – Deeparadhana, Durga Stotra Parayana / Subrahmanya Swamy Aradhana

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