Lord Shiva is the Motivating Force for us

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-133

Shiva Puran 7 37-42.mp4-133

Lord Shiva is the supreme god, and he acts as a motivational force for us. Most of us think that Lord Shiva is an angry god, and he would get anger frequently, but he has showed calmness and maintained patience with everyone, and gave his blessings even to the wicked demons also.We have to follow his patience in our life, in order to live our life peacefully.

After Lord Shiva got married with Ma Sati, also known as Shakti who is the daughter of Lord Daksha, Lord Daksha irritated him several times and teased him for dancing in the burial grounds with the ghosts. He also laughed at his divine attendants like Gundodaran, for their peculiar size and shape. But even then, Lord Shiva didn’t get angry with his father in law, Daksha, but remained calm and kept quiet. But when he heard the news that his consort, Ma Sati was self-immolated in the Yagna, he got very angry with Daksha, and then only he has created Sri Veerabhadra from one of his hairs, and asked him to destroy the Yagna of Daksha.

During the time of churning of the divine milk ocean Vaikunta, when the divine serpent Vasuki released poisonous flames from his mouth, it is the great Lord Shiva, who eagerly swallowed it in order the safeguard the entire universe from destruction. Similarly when Ravana tried to forcefully lift Mount Kailash with his hands, Lord Shiva pressed his legs on the mountain, and as a result the hands of Ravana got struck into the Kailash Mountain. But after he sang beautiful songs in praise of him, lord Shiva was pleased with his bhakti and he immediately forgiven the punishable offence of Ravana, and he has also granted lot of boons to Ravana and made him to become more powerful.

By keeping all these incidents in our mind, we must take Lord Shiva as the best example for his supremacy, lenience and kindness. Shiva also treats all the living beings as alike, and he didn’t show any partiality between them. But we are all ordinary humans, and if we have sufficient wealth, we are treating the poor people badly, and also criticising them for their position. Some rich people are also not respecting their poor relatives, and they are not even providing proper food for them in their homes during family functions.

Let us praise the glory of Lord Shiva, and consider him as our best motivating force, and let us keep doing our duties by chanting the “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra.


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