Shanmukhi Bhadraksha (Six-faced Bhadraksha)

Bhadraksha beads

Bhadraksha beads

Shanmukhi Bhadraksha (Six-faced Bhadraksha) is a circular shaped Bhadraksha.

It is a very rarest of the rare Bhadraksha. According to Siddhagurus, only those who have the divine blessings would get this Bhadraksha beads.

In terms of power and divinity, this Bhadraksha is equal to that of circular shaped Ekamukhi Rudraksha. For these bhadrakshas, Siddhagurus search in Vindhya mountains, Kumuvan and Himalaya ranges.

A Shanmukha Siddha (a saint who performs Shanmukha upasana), has been in search since 40 years for Shanmukha Bhadraksha beads. His Sankalpa is to offer a garland of 116 Shanmukha Bhadrakshas to Tiruchendur Subramanya Swamy.

Worshipping and wearing it will bless the devotees with health, wealth, name & fame, etc.. It also helps in getting rid of troubles and problems. As per the Siddhas, these beads provides Sarvajana Vasheekaranam, Sammohana Siddhi, Rajyalabham, Maha Aishwarya siddhi, etc..

It is also believed that Shanmukhi Bhadraksha Pooja would bless the performers with the Anugraha from all the Gods and Goddesses mainly Lord Murugan (Subramanya Swamy / Kartikeya Swamy).

Devotees are suggested to wear Shanmukhi Bhadraksha on Tuesday.

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