Shani Trayodashi in October 2009

Shani Trayodasi or Sani Triodashiis an auspicious day for Shani Puja. In 2009, Shani Trayodashi falls on 31st October. Shani dev is also known as Shanaischarya, Sani Bhagavan, Shaneesvara, Saneeshvaran, Mandeshwara Swamy or Chaya Putra. Shani Trayodasi is observed on the thirteenth day of a fortnight when it falls on Saturday (Trayodashi which falls on Saturday during a Hindu month).

What are the Rituals and Customs during Shani Triodashi?
Devotees and believers of Shani dosham perform Shani dosha puja to please Shani and to bless them with reduced or minimised effects of Shani dosha. Some people observe fast on the day of Shani puja.

What is the Procedure of Shani Graha Shanti Pooja? How Shani Puja is performed?
During Shani Shanti Pooja (Observance to calm Shani), devotees perform ‘Thailabhishekam (A ritual using til oil) to Shanis idol and offer a piece of black cloth, black til, fruits and coconuts. It is observed very strictly as they believe if they wont perform with devotion Shani may curse them badly.

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