Shani in 4th House, Saturn Effects in 4th House

Shani in 4th House, Saturn Effects in 4th House, Positive effects, Negative effects of having Shani in 4th House..

When Saturn is in 4th house the native should not use the items of Saturn for business, it can lead to loss of children. Moon in House No. 2, 3 fathers debt. Jupiter in House No. 3 will destroy the wealth of the native.

When Moon is with Saturn Venus will be poisoned. Moon in House No. 9 will make the mother unhappy.

Positive effects of Saturn in 4th house

Saturn will not give malefic effects to the native as long as he does not become a womaniser. Moon in House No. 2, 3 indicates the comfort of parents and family life. During ill-health, the items of Saturn like liquor, oil, intoxicating drinks will be helpful.

Serving milk to the snakes and rearing fish, Buffalo, Crow and service to labourers will dilute the poison of Saturn and help the mother and her family. As a remedy to improve the financial status of the native it is advisable to throw some milk in well.

Negative effects of Saturn in 4th house

When Saturn is in 4th house the native will have a sense of detachment with regard to parental affection, romance and be separated from the loved ones. When Jupiter is in House No. 3 he will rob others for his own gain. Saturn will behave like a watery snake from the moment the native lays the foundation of his house.

When Moon is in House No. 4, 10 Moon will get destroyed and cause unhappiness to the mother and maternal uncle. Water will become dangerous and there will be loss of property and unnecessary expenses on travel.

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