Shabari, Devotee of Lord Rama



Shabari is an old woman saint mentioned in Ramayana. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and received his blessings.


Shabari lived in a remote village. She was very spiritual even at his younger age, and lived an honest and noble life.

In course of time, she met Sage Matanga near the Mountain Rishyamukha and served him as a disciple with much attention and care. Pleased by her service, Matanga asked her to wait forgetting Lord Rama’s darshan. She patiently waited at her ashram for getting the darshan of Lord Rama.

One day, according to her wish, Rama went to Shabari’s ashram and tasted the fruits which she kindly gave it to him, and blessed her.


The place where Rama had given darshan to her was known as “SABARI MALA”, where Lord Ayyappa’s famous temple is situated.

It is also believed that several lakhs of years before, Lord Ayyappa in the form of “DHARMA SASTHA” was done meditation in this place.

It is also believed that Shabari had the darshan of Dharma Sastha also. She was a very pious and noble lady who walked in the path of dharma and spent her time by chanting god’s names and doing meditation. She spent all the time in chanting Rama mantra, and finally got his darshan. She never expected anything from him, but only accepted his blessings as the boon.

Throughout her life, Shabari lived a saintly life, and had simple food, and always concentrated her attention on god. Through her great devotion on Lord Rama, after her death, she attained the divine abode of Lord Vishnu, “THE VAIKUNTHA”.

Let us worship her and be blessed.

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