Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha, 17 faced Rudraksha – Benefits, Mantras, Importance

Bead of seventeen faced Rudraksha is well known in itself. Physically seventeen mukhi rudraksha has naturally occurring seventeen lines originating from one end to another end. This Rudraksha is represented as Lord Vishwakarma i.e. the god who is known for his crafting and creativity. According to Hindu mythology, it is the Lord Vishwakarma who has built up the whole world. As per Katyayanni yantra, this bead represents Mata Katayani i.e. one of the eight forms of Goddess Durga.

Seventeen faced Rudraksha being represented by Mata Katayani, it brings Dharma, Arth, Moksha and Kaam to the wearer. Seventeen faced Rudraksha blessed the wearer with strength. This Rudraksha is very effective in gaining physical assets, shares, unexpected money, vehicles etc. 17 mukhi Rudraksha is believed to remove all your lifetime sins and brings liberation in the end.

Seventeen faced Rudraksha brings success in every venture and effective in gaining comforts & happiness. It is recommended for disease such as: Memory Lapse, Sex Disorders, fight against Lethargic, Body Functional Disorders etc. It even makes the wearer strong to fight against Lazy attitude. The wearer of this seventeen faced Rudraksha gets liberation or Moksha and brings all kind of happiness.

Other details of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Symbol of: Lord Vishwakarma and Goddess Katyayani

Ruling Planet:

Ruling God: Lord Vishwakarma and Goddess Katyayani

Day of wearing: Monday

17 Faced Rudraksha Mantra

Om Namah Shivay

17 mukhi Rudraksha must be wear in red thread, capped in gold or silver string. It should either be kept on the worshipping place or wear in neck after chanting the mantra.

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