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Tirumala Balaji darshan no-watermark

Tirumala Balaji darshan no-watermark

“Save Tirumala Tirupati Temple” (Let Us Raise Voice to Save TIRUMALA BALAJI) is a petition posted on to save Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple from the clutches of the irregularities by the government of Andhra Pradesh and the religious propagation by Christian Missionaries and the individuals leaning towards Christianity.

The petition goes like this..

With reference to the press meet organized by Sri Ramana Dikshitulu, Pradhana Archaka, TTD, Andhra Pradesh, it has come to light that that misappropriations in large scale, are happening in Tirumala temple. After his exposing the irregularities in Tirumala, The Board which was appointed by the Andhra Pradesh Government hastily reacted and announced that Sri Ramana Dikshitulu and others have been removed citing Retirement age of 65 Yrs. It is self-explanatory that for exposing large scale corruption and questioning the authorities of TTD, this action has been taken by TTD citing retirement age.

As per IYR Krishna Rao, Former EO TTD and former CS AP – Kainkaryam is a. lifelong duty which a person performs as long as he is physically and mentally active. There cannot be a retirement for such kainkaryams since it’s not a secular duty. Further priests of Tirumala temple have not opted for a scale of pay with promotion benefits and are also not eligible for any post-retirement benefits. That being the case without the benefits of regular employment it would be unfair to insist on their retirement.TTD board has no powers to retire them. They are continued under a scheme approved by the dharmic parishadas under the act. Tirumala priests filed this scheme in the Supreme Court and withdrew their case there as their demands were taken care of under the scheme. Hence only dharmic parishad with the consent of Supreme Court can amend the scheme.Present government for reasons best known has not constituted the dharmic parishad in the last four years.In the absence of the dharmic parishad board cannot retire the priests.The message seems to be if you question on relevant issues you are out.

With regard to the interference into Hindu religious institutions, how could Andhra Pradesh Government interfere Into Hindu religion when they cannot do it in any other religion such as Islam and Christianity. Is such interference into Hindu religion alone is permitted by the Constitution? We the people in general and Hindus in particular require explanations in this regard. This is the need of the hour for us (HINDUS) to rectify and safeguard our sasthras, religion and beliefs.

Now as true Hindus, we strongly question the authority of the government of Andhra Pradesh to run a temple like that of Lord Balaji, whose daily offerings and other income runs in crores. We demand an open audit, and a CBI enquiry into the following irregularities and request the Centre to intervene at the earliest:

1. The priceless jewellery (Valued at thousands of Crores) gifted by several Kings like Sri Krishna Devaraja, Mysore Raja, Raghoji Bhonsle, Venkatagiri Raja, Pallava Queen Samavai of 6th century and Valuable offerings of many more kings appear to be missing. We would like to know the whereabouts of the same after the last audit was conducted in 1996, whether they are still existing or not, shape and size, all these details to be decided by conducting an open public enquiry transparently. In this context every devotee deserves an explanation. We also wish to know if artificial jewellery has been made to replace the antique real ones.

2. We wish to get information on the sacrilegious sale of the Lords laddus in the black market and how the laddus are hidden in the cover of ambulances that go unchecked? Sri Ramana Dikshitulu indicated about the sanctity of Prasadam (Laddus) distributed to devotees. As per Hindu dharma, prasadam should be distributed and sold to public only after offering to the Lord. What sanctity does the Government have, taking advantage of the faith of the devotees on Lord Venkateshwara’s sacred prasadam “LADDU” (where hundreds of crores of revenue generated), to be doing outside the temple without offering to Lord Balaji, this is akin to selling sweet in a sweet shop commercially, how could authorities lie that the Laddu is a sacred prasadam? Is it not cheating the devotees for commercial gains? Can Governments resort to such acts.

3. When Honourable Supreme Court, High Courts on many occasions given directions, refraining the interference of any agency or government into the activities of the temple, what made them to interfere and for what gains? We also question the sanctity of the Board and how a board take decisions on Hindu dharmika issues as most of the members are not having spiritual, dharmic and religious background or even adequate administrative knowledge for that matter. In fact, the Chairman of the TTD is a Christian propagandist and has been seen attending evangelical functions whilst being a TTD Member in the past. Some board members having criminal cases against them. Is such postings by State Government possible in respect to any other religion? How the Government can use religious place for their political compulsions and gains, by appointing such members in Board. We can easily understand the sanctity of such appointment when the hereditary Archakas are also along with other dharmic members are not made members of such board as the board are said to be formulated to work for smooth functioning of the temple. We after years of tolerance have now decided to take the issue forward to protect the Hindu Religion.

4. We question the credibility of postings like those of Dollar Seshadri. It is well known that his unauthorized posting and extensions have been made after his retirement. Seshadri is not a priest. What is the sanctity of decision of the Board to forcibly retire Sri Ramana Dikshitulu and others? The Government or the Board is not authorized to appoint Dollar Seshadri or retire Hereditary Pradhanarchaka like Sri Ramana Dikshitulu. Mr. Dollar Seshadri is widely believed to be an agent & liasoning authority working for corrupt officers. His appointment is against Agama and he is tampering with the divinity of the holy shrine. How is the TTD authorised to make payments for this unauthorised posting of Dollar Seshadri’s?

5. As stated interference of State Governments Vigilance into day to day temple issues and the way the vigilance department is used to pressurise Archakas and putting them in the grip of fear, the Vigilance department’s action and the role can be known only through open enquiry with the intervention of the Centre. The Archakas are constantly threatened and blackmailed to comply and not to reveal the shady activities by TTD.

6. What authority does the government of AP has in demolishing the ancient heritage structures like the 1000 pillared mandapam, and other ancient structures belonging to Tirumala temple. Under whose authority was this done? Why is the ASI not being informed when temple treasures are being tampered with?

7. Recently VHP conducted a rally and submitted a memorandum to Honourable Governor of Andhra Pradesh, against Mr. Srinivasa Raju, Joint Executive Officer of TTD, exposing his corrupt practices and alleging that he is in many ways involved in irregularities in TTD. All these happenings are revolving around the Hundi collections, regular gold collections, ticket collections, donations and priceless jewelry gifted by Kings and all these instances happening is self-explanatory and making us to understand that The Governments, in the process of making money they won’t hesitate to roll heads.

Kindly intervene to protect the interest of every Hindu, their sentiments and belief in GOD. We appeal to all concerned to safeguard the ancient heritage, protect culture, and protect shasthras. Rules are to be made mandating any Temple to conduct all proceedings very transparently and also such proceedings to be published on web on regular basis, so as to allow anyone to access and question at any given point as it is the fundamental right of every Hindu. Regular updates should be provided to the people in respect to conducting any Temple on day to day and time to time basis. as it is a legitimate right of People. In fact, the appointment of the Mirasidars (Archakas/Priests) is done by God and ordered by God Venkateswara (Refer to the Lord Venkatachala Mahathyam and further 18 century TTD kainkarya patti) which can be referred as the testimony of God, hence how a government can interfere, regulate and ratify God’s testimony.

We appeal to Central government and Honourable Supreme Court to intervene to protect the interest of every devotee, their belief in Lord Venkateshwara to safeguard the ancient heritage, protect culture, and protect shasthras and above all protect the Lords funds and property. We wish for the audit reports to be made available to all devotees of Lord Venkateshwara. We further appeal to work out a feasible solution of the administrative activities at Tirumala in a fair manner as the magnitude of the corruption is unimaginable and now runs into 1000s of crores of rupees . It has been unchecked for far too long now. We Hindus after tolerating for all these years now for the sake of at least protecting our religion on the issues related to the temple and the corruption as reported above need to be exposed and stop irregularities from continuing at the holy shrine. This can happen only with your involvement.

Above all, we wish for TTD to be answerable & accountable to every devotee of Lord Venkateshwara and if found guilty, the Board and others involved needs to be punished in accordance with the law.

With regards


Please sign the petition so that we can save the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, the richest and the powerful temple in the world. (Courtesy).

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