King Saumitra | Last King of Ikshvaku Dynasty

King Saumitra was the last King in the Ikshvaku dynasty. Though he was born in the lineage of Lord Rama, his foremost ancestors who belonged to the Ishvaku dynasty are ruled before several lakhs of years, and it is believed that, Lord Rama ruled Ayodhya before 17,55,000+ odd years.

King Saumitra was an able ruler, and he ruled the present day India in a remarkable manner. Similar to king Parikshit, he also tried to kill Kali Purusha, an evil demon, but he was stopped from doing the act by Lord Brahma, since Kali Purusha will live till the end of this Kali Yuga.

King Saumitra tried his level best to improve the standard of living of his people, and provided all the necessary benefits to them. His Kula Deva and his Ishta Deva is Lord Rama, and by praying to his ancestor Lord Rama, he was able to safeguard his kingdom from enemy attacks, and was able to live his life peacefully.

It is believed that after his death, he went to the Indra Loka, the divine abode of Lord Indra, and lives happily there.


1. A person cannot be a king without expressing his boldness over others.

2. Kings are the special creations made by the god.

3. Kings contains the features of the almighty, and must be considered as the worshipful people.

4. Kings must satisfy his kingdom’s people by giving a golden rule.

5. Even the divine avatars like Rama and Krishna had become kings and ruled properly.

6. Everyone is equal before justice.

7. A good king must roar like a lion and must fight like a tiger during the times of battles.

8. A king must possess wisdom, knowledge and courage in order to properly rule his kingdom.

9. A king must be in the company of wise people, and should avoid moving with foolish people.

Let us worship the noble king and be blessed.


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