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Saturn Effects in 2018-2019 | Shani as Mantri in Navanayaka

Mantri (Minister) in Navanayaka Phala of a Hindu new year represents that particular year’s specific phala (results / mundane predictions) related to his ministerial capabilities.

For Vilambi Nama Samvatsara (2018-2019), Shani (Saturn) is the Mantri as Mesha Sankranti (Sauramana Ugadi) falls on Saturday (14 April 2018). The Varadhipati of Mesha Sankramana day will be referred to as the Mantri for that year. It is to note that Saturn is the Varadhipathi for Saturday.

In Vilambi year, Shani is also considered as Deshodyogadhipathi and Ashwadhipathi in Upanayaka Phalam.

Shani as Mantri – Phala

Madhya Vrushtirmanda Sasyam

Sarve Paapa Rataanaraa: |

Prajaapeedaa Bhavennityam

Surya Putretu Mantrini ||

मध्य वृष्टिक्रमन्द सस्यं

सर्वे पाप रटानराह |

प्रजापीड़ा भवेन्नित्यं

सूर्यपुत्रेतु मंत्रिणि ||

Since Shani is Mantri, the following things are predicted for this year… diseases will spread rapidly, substantial increase in sinful activities, more and more number of people are attracted towards sinful activities, rains will be average, fear of insects, fear of thieves, fear of administrators (officers) in common people.

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