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Sashti May 2013, Shashti Vritham dates in May 2013

Subramanya Swamy, Mopidevi Temple

Subramanya Swamy, Mopidevi Temple

Sashti May 2013, Shashti Vritham dates in May 2013. Sashti Vritham fasting is a vrata dedicated to Lord Murugan. In May 2013, Sashti dates are- May 1, May 16, May 30.

Sashti Vritham or Shashti Vratham is a vrata dedicated to Lord Muruga or Skanda. In May 2013, Sashti dates are – May 1, May 15 and May 30.

It is observed on sixth day in each fortnight of a Hindu month. But the Sashti comes in bright half is the most auspicious and important. Sashti Vritham in May 2013 is 15 May. In some places it is also observed on May 16. It falls in Vaigasi masam.

Vaigasi Sashti Vrata is considered even more auspicious as Vaigasi Month is the birth month of Lord Murugan.

Ardent devotees of Skanda Muruga also observe the fasting and other rituals on Sashti tithi which comes in dark fortnight of the month. It falls in Chithirai month (1 May 2012 & May 30).

This Sashti (15/16 May 2013) coincides with Sashti in Vaishakh Month in North Indian Hindi calendars, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati calendars. It falls in Edava Masam of Malayalam calendar and Jaistho Maas in Bengali Panjika.

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