Sarama in Ramayana | Wife of Vibhishana

According to the great epic Ramayana, Sarama is the wife of the noble Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana. Sarama was born on the banks of the Manasarovar Lake.

She looks attractive and contains very good qualities. She had maintained friendly relationship with Mata Sita, when she was imprisoned in Lanka. Sarama and Vibhishana had a daughter called Trijata. Once, Trijatahad dreamt about the union of Sita with Rama. Trijata was a good girl, and used to share cheerful stories with Sita, in order to remove her worries temporarily.

Sarama repeatedly consoles Sita and expressed her love on her. She also gives confidence to her, and frequently told to her, that she would unite with Lord Rama in a short period of time. She had seen Lord Rama, when he was camping with his monkey soldiers in the Lanka. She also told the powers of the demon king Ravana, and asked her to be careful with him.

Sarama is mentioned as a dear friend of Mata Sita, and she also spoken to Ravana and asked him to set free Sita from Lanka, but he didn’t listened to her speech. Sarama informed Sita about the burning of Lanka by Lord Hanuman, and always spoken to her in a positive manner.

Let us worship Mata Sarama and be blessed.

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