Sant Dnyaneshwar Samadhi Day

Sant Dnyaneshwar Samadhi Day is the day when Sant Dnyaneshwar, popular Saint from Maharashtra, had went into Samadhi. In 2015, Sant Dnyaneshwar Samadhi Day date is December 9.

After having composed Amrutanubhava, Dnyaneshwar made a pilgrimage to northern India with Namdev and other saints. After completing this pilgrimage he expressed his intention to enter into a state of Samadhi because he felt that the mission of his life was complete.

It is widely propagated that at the age of 21 on 13th day of the second half of Kartik in Shaka 1218, Dnyaneshwar entered into a permanent state of Sanjeevan Samadhi at Alandi in Pune in Maharashtra, India.

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