Is Sanskrit spoken on all Planets in the Universe, or only on Earth?

Well, I don’t know in which planets they are speaking, but certainly not on this planet.
All the languages, even though they have come from Sanskrit, it is not spoken anywhere. Even in India, it has almost disappeared; 99.9% disappeared. Somewhere, 0.01% people know just a little bit. Sanskrit needs to be revived and it is happening now.

Slowly people are doing this. They now know that it is a very good language for computers.

Neurolinguistic functions are best with the Sanskrit syllables.

Italian language has about 50-60% of Sanskrit words. Russian has so many, English has so many as well. All the Indian languages also have many words in common. Chinese and Japanese also.
Recently when I was in Japan, one scholar had written a book that said that 80% of Japanese language has roots in Tamil which is again close to Sanskrit but not exactly Sanskrit. I will say, whatever language you speak, speak the language of the heart. Sincere, clear. No malice to anybody. No ill feeling towards anybody. Speak with a pure heart and a clear mind, and success will be yours. Success is sure for you.

Note – This is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourse as part of satsang in Art of Living.

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