Sanatkumara’s Praise on Brahma

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma

The SanatKumaras are the four twin brothers, who were considered to be the first and foremost creations of Lord Brahma, and they were the mind born sons of Lord Brahma. All of them appear in the form of child, though they contain the age of millions and millions of years. First Lord Brahma insisted them to get married in order to produce noble children, but they refused, and began to start meditating on Lord Vishnu, they have got great powers and they have also visited all the divine worlds.

Due to their attachment and affection on their father, Lord Brahma, they have sung songs in praise of him, and some of those wonderful songs are as follows:-

We offer our humble Salutations to Lord Brahma who is considered to be the superior god.
Oh My Lord, You have got the powers to take any other form, and,you are the one who shows the proper path of attaining salvation.

Oh my dear Brahma! Even if the great Devendra, in the heaven, is unable to fully tell about your significance, then how could theordinary mortals knew about your significance?

Oh my father Brahma! Your voice is so sweet, your eyes are so calm, your four heads are the four Vedas, your four hands are like the four freshly plucked lotus flowers, and in your four legs, the entire holy rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna and Godavari flows, and everybody in the world considers you as their divine father and mother.

Oh the great Brahma! You look like a matured Rishi who keeps on meditating your father Lord Vishnu, and you are the form of the four Vedas.

Oh the universal god Brahma, you are beyond time, age, Yugas, and you contain the powers enough to restructure the whole world.

Oh our kind god Brahma, you are protecting the universe in the form of Lord Vishnu, and destructing it by taking the form of Lord Shiva.

Oh God, you are the god of fate, and we humbly salute you to put good fate on all of your creations, since without your mercy, nobody can survive in this world.

Oh our wonderful god Brahma, Who are the base for the five natural elements such as fire, wind, sky, earth and water.

Salutations to our beautiful God Brahma Bhagavan who gives good knowledge, wisdom and bravery, and you are the one who controls our mind.

Salutations to the great four headed God who removes the diseases from our body.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who consoles us like our own mother during the time of difficulties.

Salutations to the four head god who removes our sins, like our affectionate father.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who is omnipotent, and who cannot be realized even by Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who shows mercy like the vast ocean towards his devotees.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who acts as a Universal Guru, and he is the first and foremost Vedic priest.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, whose holy feet appears similar to the freshly blossomed lotus flower.

Salutations to Lord Brahmawho holds the entire universe on his shining face.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who controls the entire planets, and he is the one, who controls even Lord Indra.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, and he is the supreme one, who keeps Lord Chandra and Surya, on his sparkling eyes.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who is everything and his significance cannot be fully described even by his consort Ma Saraswati Devi.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, and he is the one who gives immediate solutions to the problems of his devotees.

Salutations to Lord Brahma whose powers are enormous, and he is the one who used to give abundant boons to his devotees.

Salutations to Lord Brahma whose Satya Loka is covered with full of attractiveness and it looks more beautiful than Indra Loka.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who satisfies our desires and he is the one who gives us a healthy, wealthy and a worthy life.


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