Salangpur Hanumanji Temple, Gujarat

Salangpur Hanuman Temple

Salangpur Hanuman Temple

Salangpur Hanumanji temple is considered as an ancient and a sacred temple. It is constructed by Sadguru Sri Gopalanand Swamy of Swami Narayan Mission. The deity of Lord Hanuman was installed in the year 1905.

The Hanuman deity in this temple is considered as very powerful, and by worshipping him in this temple, would cleanse our mind, remove the evil spirits and diseases from our body, and make us healthier. Salangpur is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.Heavy rush would be there in this temple during Saturdays.

There is a well located near the temple, and by drinking the holy water in the well, would cure our diseases instantly. After the performance of puja in this temple, they are giving a sweet as Holy Prasad to us. The sweet tastes good, and we can get some more sweets in the Prasad counter by paying the prescribed amount. Daily in the noon, thousands of people are being fed with free nutritious food. Free temple Lodges for stay purpose are also available near the temple, and devotees can avail the facility.

Let us once visit this holy Hanumanji temple and be blessed.

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