Sakrai Mata Temple, Sikar

There is a sacred temple for Sakrai Mata in Rajasthan, and it is believed that this holy temple was constructed by King Chauhan during 692 AD. It is located amidst beautiful mountains. Sakrai Mata is also popularly called as “SHAKAMBARI MATA”.

Shakambhari Mata is an incarnation of Mata Shakti Devi, and in this temple, only Vegetarian Items are offered to Mata, and given as Prasad to the devotees. During festivals days, she would be decorated with various kinds of flowers, flower garlands, fruits and vegetables. During the time of drought and famine,she provides food to the hunger people by taking any other form, and also gives proper shelter to them. She is mentioned in several holy texts, and in ancient Puranas.

Once Ma Shakti Devi took the form of Shakambari Devi and destroyed the powerful demon Durgamasur, since he had taken the four vedas from Lord Brahma.After destroying him, she handed over the holy Vedas to Lord Brahma. Apart from this main temple in Rajasthan, Ma Shakambari has temples in other places also.


1. Shakambari Mata temple at Jharkhand.

2. Mata Shakambari Devi temple in Koltata.

3. Shakambari temple in Uttar Pradesh.

4. Shakambari temple in Odhisha.

5. Shakambari Mata temple in Badami.

6. Shakambari Temple in Cuttack.

7. Shakambari temple in Aurangabad.

8. Shakambari temple in Pune.

Ma Durga in Vijayawada temple would be decorated with flowers, vegetables and fruits during Navaratri festival days, and various pujas would be done to her, and she is worshipped as Shakambari Devi. Ma Shakambhari Devi is the goddess of agriculture. She would give good harvest to the farmers, when they sincerely worship her. She gives various boons to her devotees, and would fulfill their wishes.


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