Banashankari Temple near Badami Karnataka, Banashankari Devi Temple

Banashankari Amma Temple or Banashankari Devi Temple is the famous temple dedicated to Banashankari or Vanashankari Devi.

The shrine is located at Cholachagudd near Badami in Bagalkot district of Karnataka.

Banashankari Devi is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The Goddess is also known as Shakambari Devi.

The temple was built by Kalyani Chalukyas in the 7th century. They worshipped Goddess Banashankari as their tutelary deity. The present Banashankari temple is a renovated structure built by Maratha Kings.

Goddess Banashankari, Badami, Karnataka

Goddess Banashankari, Badami, Karnataka

Banashankari Navratri is the major festival celebrated in the temple during Paush month. Navaratri Utsav begins on Banadashtami and ends on Paush Pournami.

BanashankariĀ  Rathyatra or Banashankari Jatre, Banashankari Teppotsava or Boat festival are also celebrated in the temple.

There is another famous Banashankari Devi Temple located near Bangalore, Karnataka.

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  1. dilip narayan kulkarni says:


  2. AMIT INAMDAR says:


  3. Mahesh M Deshpande says:

    I want to know the details & address of Mandir / Devasthan cammity for online donation as well as bookings for stay before arranging to visit the Devidarshan.

  4. Divya says:

    Please let me know the email id to reach temple trust. get the information on donation from USA.


  5. Mohan kulkarni Gulbarga says:

    Kindly provide me cell number of any one son,s or Grand son,s of Late Shri MALLHARBHAT PUJARI

  6. vimala says:

    This is my family goddess and we visit this temple every year during the Navaratri and perform Puja. Banashankari Temple in Badami is one of the most powerful and peaceful temples in Karnataka. I would like to provide you with more photos of the location please let me know your email ID and I will send you pictures of Goddess Banashankari from my visits. Thank you

    • Ravindra Pandit says:

      Dear Vimala Hi this is Ravindra Pandit banishankari devi is aloo our Kul devi. i shall be thank ful to receive the same from you, could you please also let me know timings of darshan and if any special pujas are performed for kul devi. my email ID

  7. Vinay Badami says:

    Banashankari Temple Badami address :
    Banashankari temple is located at Cholachagudd about 5 km from Badami on the road to Gadag. Badami Railway Station, Badami is well connected by a good network of roads to all parts of Karnataka and is 500 km from Bangalore and 125 km from Hubli. It is well connected by bus also.

  8. Harsha says:

    Banashankari Temple Badami contact number :
    Salakari Pujar Shri Kshetra Banashankari Devasthan,
    Bagalkot District
    Phone: (08357)-2720662 /200662
    Please verify the details, the phone number might have changed.

  9. Preeti says:

    How to reach Banashankari Temple Badami :
    Hyderabad to Badami 413 km
    Pune to Badami 435 km
    Mangalore to Badami 452 km
    Bangalore to Badami 454 km
    Mumbai to Badami 584 km

  10. Naveen Rao says:

    The Banashankari Temple in Badami is
    Protected under The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958

    Conserved & Maintained by ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA, Dharwar Circle, Karnataka.

  11. sachin says:

    Want to know where can I find Banashankari Aarti in Marathi.
    Please let me know the link or if anybody has it send me on my email id below.

  12. Narasimha says:

    What is the nearest airport to Banashankari temple badami ? I cant travel too long by road due to back problem. Im coming from US to visit this temple in March this year.

  13. rajashekara says:

    Banashankari Temple Badami is a beautiful place to visit and very calm place.

  14. srinivasa says:

    Banashankari Temple in Badami of Karnataka is the house of Goddess Banashankari Devi

  15. Karunakar Shetty says:

    What are the puja timings for Banashankari temple badami. I heard that temple getting closed in afternoon, can someone tell me correct time. Will tuesday have special rahu kala puja like other temples or is it closed ?

  16. shrikumar says:

    what are the timing of badami temple shakambari devi

  17. Srichaitra says:

    how to go to shakambhari devi temple near badami

  18. Safal says:

    details about banashankari temple in badami karnataka about timings & pooja

  19. Gauri Yadwadkar says:

    Shakambari is my Kuladevta. Where can I find a sanskrit aarti? which aarti is sung at Badami temple?

  20. Aditi Chikerur says:

    Hi gauri..How are you ?You can get from Aaai..Also you can get the one which Dada had done and its awsome..and we have the same as our Kuldevta you might know

  21. Gauri Yadwadkar says:

    Thanks Aditi..How are you doing? it's really really long time.

  22. Aditi Chikerur says:

    I am doing fine.came to Chicago allmost 2 months adjusting with snow have not changed a bit i feel ..keep it up:)

  23. Rashmi Kakkeri says:

    May I know the names of all main current pujaris who does puja everyday now ..

  24. Anjali S says:

    I was just keen to know an information about Banashankari devi. Is it true that people who’s kuladevi is goddess Banashankari are not supposed wear Payal with goonguru (kalgejje)? If true what’s the reason? Thanks in advance.

  25. Pavithra Manikandan says:

    miss my hometown a lot………..
    praying to banashankari amma to make me come to her temple soon šŸ™

  26. Pooja says:

    Hello devotees of Banashankari Devi, i need your help to know certain rituals of Devi, im newly married; my husband’s Kuladevi is Badami Banashankari Devi. I want to pray our Kuladevi, On which day of the week should i fast for Devi and what stotras should i read to offer pooja to Devi. Please guide me. Hoping to go for Devi’s darshana soon.

  27. HV Kumar says:

    some one from your family from other gotra can gift you for wearing