Saint Basaveshwara statue in London – Basavanna Vigraha in UK

Saint Basaveshwara statue to be installed in London. Hindus have welcomed the efforts to install a Saint Basaveshwara statue in Albert Embankment Gardens in Lambeth borough of London (United Kingdom). Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that “it was a step in the right direction” to honor 12th century reformer Saint Basaveshwara (Basava) as it would be a source of inspiration for the coming generations and bring pride to the community.

Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, stressed that India was a storehouse of pioneers who contributed to world wisdom in various disciplines since ancient times. People of India descent, who were now settled world over, should work for honoring the legacy of these exceptional men and women who brought light to the world.

Dr. Neeraj Patil, a Lambeth Councilor, is said to be championing this project. According to reports, Karnataka Chief Minister Dr. B.S. Yediyurappa has announced a donation of about £410,000 towards installation of this statue. There was reportedly a plan to raise £250,000 from the area community.

Lambeth is one of 13 boroughs that make up inner London. Besides Patil, Lambeth has 62 other elected councilors, including Neil Sabharwal and Niranjan Francis. About 150 languages are spoken in Lambeth, whose about 2.3% population is of India background, and which is known for London Eye and Lambeth Palace (official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury). Christiana Valcarcel, Judith Best, and Steve Reed are Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Council Leader respectively of Lambeth.

The Albert Embankment in Lambeth is a stretch of the River Thames bank on its south side in Central London, about one mile northward from Vauxhall Bridge to Westminster Bridge.

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  1. raj partha says:

    Title of the story : The statue Hijack


    Why you are too much in to media in lambeth when we

    we have another “62 ” (sixty two members) councillors?

    who are the people helping you in india and lambeth, london to put up this statue?

    are you going to mention the names of the office bearers of,

    1)lambeth council,2)chief minister of karnataka,3)citizen of karnataka,4)friends in lambeth and friends in India who have equally worked for this project?

    “Oh,do not say you have done it all alone or nobody else can do !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “do not try to hijack all the credits in your name !”

    please be fair in Britain as Britishers and be honest to your country !!!! and don’t let let your poor fellow Indians !!!!!

  2. Mallinath kattimani says:

    our architect of indian constitution Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkarji did ensure the justice to crores of people what basavanna could not achieve in those days ,by authoring the Indian constitution and uplifting of the sc’s/st’s and backward classes rights.he has done what Nelson mandela did for south africa and Abraham Lincoln for Blacks in USA.
    becauase of his work today i am able to write this mail and reach a big position in germany.

    Jai Bheem !

    Jai Buddha!

    Jai Ambedkar !