Sahadeo Tiwari | Sanatan Dharma Sevak

Sahadeo Tiwari was born in a village in Bihar in the year 1892. He came to Trinidad, Spain, and worked as a labourer in the year 1912, and after some time he was married to a noble lady and had children out of the marriage.

In the year 1932, Tiwari established The Sanatan Dharma Board of Control in Spain in order to bring unity among the Hindus. The Sanatan Dharma Board of Control was based in Tunapuna, Spain. The objectives of the organization are as follows:

1. To strengthen the Sanatana Dharma by conducting religious meetings.

2. To collect donations from the members as well as from the general public.

3. To repair and renovate the ancient Hindu temples.

4. To participate in general social services such as providing food to the poor, and helping the sick and the disabled.

5. To introduce new schemes in the temples such as conducting regular Pujas in the temples, and providing food to the devotees during festival days.

6. To help in the marriage of poor girls irrespective of their caste, creed, community and religion.

7. To consider all classes of people as the sons and daughters of the almighty.

Pundit Tiwari performed marriages to lower class people also. Due to that, he was threatened by many upper class people.He also performed the marriage festivals during night times also, and this resulted in strong opposition from the upper class Hindus.He had food in the house of Dalit people, and he was against caste discrimination and respected all classes of people, and lived a pious life. He was considered as a holy person, who lived as per the Hindu Dharma. He is still remembered by the people for his noble activities.

Pundit Sahadeo Tiwari died in the year 1972. During his life, he had trained lot of scholars and brought new changes in Hinduism.

Let us praise the noble man.


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