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Veda Vyasa

Veda Vyasa

Sage Veda Vyasa (Maharshi Krishna Dwaipayana / Sage Badarayana) was the sage who gave the world realism, wisdom and compassion. Veda Vyasa was one of the mightiest personalities in the Indian religious history. He was born to Satyavathi and sage Parashara. He was Krishna Dwaipayana (Krishna means dark coloured and Dwaipayana means born on an island in the Yamuna).

When was Vyasa born – When is Vyasa Jayanthi Celebrated?

Veda Vyasa Jayanthi is celebrated on Vaisakha Shukla Chaturdasi (14th day in bright half of Vaishakh Month). In 2014, Vyasa Jayanthi falls on May 13. Vyasa Jayanthi coincides with Narasimha Jayanthi i.e. Jayanthis of both of them are celebrated on Vaisakha Shukla Chaturdasi.

Sage Veda Vyasa – Sage Badarayana

He was called Veda Vyasa as he was the one who classified the Vedas into four branches. His hermitage was in Badari and thus he was also called as Badarayana. There are many stories regarding him. One says that Vyasa grew into manhood shortly after his birth. He was well versed in the Vedas, Shastras, Puranas and poetry. Before leaving Vyasa bowed to his mother asked her to think of him when ever she wanted to see him and he shall come. And he left for Badari to do Tapas.

Veda Vyasa – the Creator of Mahabharat

King Shantanu, one day met Satyavathi and married her. They had two sons Vichitraveerya and Chitrangada. Vichitraveerya had two wives, Ambika and Ambalika. But he died shortly after marriage. So Satyavathi fearing that the Dynasty would come to an end thought of her son Vyasa and he appeared before her.

Satyavathi told him her fears and Vyasa blessed Ambika and Ambalika with two sons. Pandu was the son of Ambalika, Dritharashtra to Ambika and a waiting woman in the palace gave birth to Vidura.

Veda Vyasa – Peace Initiator between Pandavas and Kauravas

Though Dritharashtra was a good man his sons Kauravas were wicked. However he loved his sons too much. Yudhishtira lost the kingdom in a gamble and Kauravas grabbed everything from the Pandavas. Vyasa who heard this went to Hastinapuram. Vyasa asked Dritharashtra if he had treated Pandavas fairly being the head of the family. Dritharashtra bent his head in shame.

Vyasa thundered that kauravas are destined to bring their ruin on themselves and thats the reason why they are evil. He told him to advise his children to restore the kingdom to Pandavas and left the palace. Dritharashtra trembled with his words. Vyasa went into the forest in search of Pandavas. He found them and comforted them.

Veda Vyasa in Kurukshetra battle field

When the war broke at Kurukshetra, Vyasa frequently visited Pandavas on the battle field. Kauravas were killed and Dristharashtra could not bear his grief. Just then Vyasa came and consoled Dritharashtra and asked him to treat Pandavas like his own children and left.

When Yudhishtira could not recover, Vyasa said that a king has to do his duty and could not run away to forest ignoring it. He consoled grief stricken Yudhistira. Vyasa guided one and all with the words of wisdom. He showed every one the path of duty.

Vyasa led the Kuru vamsa on the path of virtue and Dharma. At that time rishis lived for hundreds of years. Vyasa lived through the Dwapara Yuga. It was Vyasa who gave the story of Mahabharata to us. It is said that one day after the war of Kurukshetra, Brahma came to the hermitage of Vyasa and asked him to write the story of Mahabharata, as he had witnessed the war.

Vyasa Maharshi – the Narrator and Lord Ganesha – the Writer of Mahabharata

Vyasa agreed but he said that he needed somebody to write down the story. Brahma suggested the name of Lord Ganesha. Vyasa agreed and after few days, Lord Ganesha came to the hermitage of Vyasa. But, Ganesha laid a condition that the sage should not stop the narration at any point and if he stops at any point, that he would leave. Vyasa accepted the challenge and the story were completed successfully. A great character in Indian Mythology Vyasa was a person who led an exemplary life.

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