Sagduru Swamigal

Sri Sagduru Swamigal was born in the year 1777 in a Telugu Brahmin family in Thiruvisanallur. His birth name was Venkataraman. His father was a great scholar and an expert in composing divine songs, playing musical instruments, and was well-versed in sacred scriptures and Vedas.

Venkataraman learned the divine scriptures and music composition under the guidance of his father.He also studied the life history of holy saints and his favourite epic was Srimad Ramayana. He used to chant Rama Nama, regularly, and in his life period, he would have chanted Rama Mantra for several lakhs of times. He was brought up in Thiruvisainallur.

At his teenage, Venkataraman had become a Vedic Pundit and performed Vedic rituals in the nearby localities. Once he has agreed to perform a ritual in a house nearby his village. But he forgot about it and kept chanting Rama Nama for several hours in his home, and suddenly he remembered about the ceremony which he was already agreed to perform. And immediately he went to the place, and watched inside the house of his client, and surprisingly he saw a person who resembles him in his appearance and chanting the divine mantras. Immediately he went inside and approached the person who looked alike. Immediately the person had transformed into Lord Rama, and gave his divine darshan to him and to everyone in the house. Due to this incident, people began to realize his true bhakti on Lord Rama, and gave much respect to him.

He was an admirer of Sri Bodhendra Swamigal, and he considers himself as his servant and treated him as his master. Similar to his Guru Sri Bodhendra, he used to compose divine songs on Lord Rama, and sung in the temples. Even after getting married, he used to chant the Rama Nama as a regular practice, and continued it, till the end of his life. Through his great bhakti on Lord Rama, he has got more spiritual powers, and utilized the powers for relieving the diseases of the devotees and also asked them to chant the Rama Mantra continuously in order to get all kinds of prosperity in their life.

He attained Samadhi at Sri Jagathrakshaka Perumal Temple, Thiruvavaduthurai in the year 1817.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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