Sadanrityamurti, Lord Shiva as the Master of Dance

Lord Shiva dancing image – Sadanrityamurthi

Lord Shiva dancing image – Sadanrityamurthi

Lord Shiva is also called as Sadanrityamurti, as he is the master of Dance and will be in the form of Dancing divine. ‘Nritya’ meaning Dance and ‘Sada’ meaning always, Lord Shiva is also known as origin of the Dances. He is also called as ‘Nataraja’, where ‘Natya’ means Dance.

In the epics, it is described in several occasions that Lord Shiva dances when in the mood of granting boons to his devotees, when any devotee shows the perseverance to see him and when he is joined with Goddess Parvati in lighter moments between them. Literates and Scholars describe his Dance and compare the same with moving waters, springing fountains, the waves reaching the shores and the rhythms filled in the air. It shows that his nature of dance is the part of and resembles the nature itself.

Every move in the Nature is derived from His Dance. And the Nature is none other than Goddess Parvati. In other words, the togetherness of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati constitutes the whole Universe and the Nature.

It is believed that Lord Shiva will be dancing every evening, removing the stress and trouble-filled atmosphere in the human life. He dances at his Mount Kailash, when all the Sages, Gods and Celestial Divines assemble over there to discuss the Welfare of all the beings in the Universe.

Lord Shiva dances with pleasure when someone is teaching or sharing the knowledge about him, or when someone sacrifices himself for the others without expecting the returns. Lord Shiva will dance in joy for all the good being done and for all the good happening across the world.

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