Sabarimala Temple Pratishta Day (Ayyappa Idol Installation)

The anniversary of idol installation at the Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala was celebrated on Sunday, 4 June 2017.

A large number of devotees from different parts of South India thronged Sabarimala to attend various special rituals held as part of the celebrations.

The rituals will begin in the early morning hours of Sunday with Tantri (chief priest) performing the auspicious Ashtadravya Ganapathi homom followed by Ashtabhishekom.

Prathishtha Dinam/ Idol installation Day

3 June 2017, 5 PM (Opening Day)

4 June 2017, 10 PM (Closing Day)

The temple will reopen on June 14 for the five-day monthly rituals in the Malayalam month of Midhunom that begins the next day. The temple will be closed on June 19 evening.

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