Rupnath Brahma

Rupnath Brahma (1860-1938), was born in Assam and he is a religious reformer of Bodo society. He was the main disciple of Kalicharan Brahma, and he also joined in a new religion called Brahma Dharma established by his Guru in Kolkata,and he sincerely served his Guru Kalicharan Brahma. He also spread the significance of the new religion Brahma Dharma, at his level best amongst the people in Assam.

Rupnath Brahma was against caste discrimination and he fought for the welfare of the Bodo society people. Similar to his Guru, he has received good name and fame due to his good service rendered for the welfare of the society.

He participated in the social welfare activities along with his guru, and done lot of good deeds in his life.According to the Brahma religion, there is only one god, and through his supreme powers, god is discharging his duties in a wonderful manner.


1. Do your duty with sincerity and help others.

2. Worship the god in the form of flames.

3. Don’t show pride, and don’t feel jealous on others.

4. Live happily with the things which was provided by the god, and don’t expect more and more from the god, since material things would not last long in our life.

5. Always share your food with others, and don’t make others to suffer from hungriness.

6. Consider all of your fellow living beings as similar to you, and shower your kindness on all the living beings in the earth.

7. Happiness and sufferings occurs on the basis of your own Karmic deeds only, and for that, you cannot blame on the god.

8. Respect your parents and show your sincere love on them.


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