Role of Spiritual Leaders



Whether God-believers beckon the Almighty or not, He is ever present among them and is ready to extend His help and provide them with succor  He is aware of their needs and so, does not expect or ask them to call Him at every stage. Why then should people offer prayers and Worship Him, it is asked, If they do so, the impact or severity of their problems would be mitigated and thus become less ill. Difficulties are bound to be there for anyone but they will get solved or obliterated if devotees approach Him with their sincere pleas. They will derive the moral strength to face any ordeal.

It is in this connection that spiritual leaders help humanity by extending their guidance. They are the chosen representatives of the Almighty. They will explain to devotees about God and His traits, tell them about the purpose of prayers and inform them about the good that will result, After acquiring spiritual Wisdom through intense study and practice of austerities and by chanting Mantras, they retain in them, enormous spiritual powers and hence are in a position. to advise disciples who approach them. With his versatile knowledge and accomplishments.

Adi Sankara consolidated the Hindu religion. In the illustrious tradition that he had established, the Sringeri Math has been helping humanity to read the noble path. One of the stalwarts among such preceptors is the Head of the Math, Sri Bharathi Thirtha swami, known for his erudition, gentle words and noble qualities.

On his Vardhanti, Swami Omkarananda in a lecture said, the outstanding Acharyas have been entrusted with task of spreading God’s message. Their utterances carry weight. More important than their sermons, is the way in which they lead their lives in an austere manner, demonstrating how people should conduct themselves. They advise us not to utter falsehood, not to injure other’s sentiments, not to move with men of evil thoughts but follow the rules of virtue and get associated with noble souls. They prescribe us the Do’s and the Don’t in leading good life. If people do not listen to their valuable advice, they will be the losers because these mentors are living Gods who enable us to gain His vision. We should be grateful to God for having deputed such men of eminence to show us the path to salvation.

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