Rohini Devi | Vasudeva’s Wife

Rohini lived in the previous Dwapara Yuga, and she is the wife of Vasudeva and her children are Balarama and Subhadra. She showed special attention on Lord Krishna, and had realized him that he was an avatar of god. Rohini is the daughter of king Bahlika, who was an incarnation of Bhakta Prahalada. Rohini is a chaste and a beautiful woman, and similar to her father Bahlika, she was very generous and used to donate valuables to the Yadava people.

Vasudeva married Devaki, and also had other wives such as Pauravi (daughter of Bahlika), Rohini, Bhadra, Madira and Vrikadevi.

For some time Rohini lived at the house of her relative Nandagopala in Gokulam. Rohini was very fortunate to have the Adisesha avatar Balarama as her own son. Similar to Yashoda, she also enjoyed the childhood plays of Lord Krishna and Balarama, and treated Lord Krishna as her own son. She used to prepare good dishes, and would first offer it only to Lord Krishna. Whenever Yashoda playfully beats Lord Krishna, she stopped her doing such an act, and would softly rub his body through her gentle hands.

As per ancient legend,Rohini is said to be an incarnation of Mata Kadru, mother of the serpents and hence during the dwaparayuga, she occupied the position of being Lord Balarama’s mother. Lord Balarama is the divine incarnation of Vishnu’s serpent bed, Adisesha. Rohini is also mentioned in Jainism and Buddhism texts. In those religious texts, she was mentioned as a divine lady who contains very good qualities. Similar to Mata Yashoda and Devaki, Rohini was very much loved by the Yadava people, and they considered her as their own mother.

As per Mahabharata, after the death of Vasudeva, Rohini fell down on the pyre of her husband, and attained salvation.

Let us worship Mata Rohini with her sons Balarama and Krishna and be blessed.


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