Rituals and Customs of Kedareshwara Vrata – Glory, Merits of Kedar Gauri Puja

Rituals and customs of Kedara Gauri Puja include Puja to Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri. On the day of Kedareshwara Vrata, same as other vratas and pujas some austerities like fast or semi-fast on fruits or milk are observed.

Kedareshwara Vrata Puja is performed with installing Kalasha in a sanctified place. While chanting the mantras praising Lord Shiva and Gowri Mata, kumkum, turmeric powder and flowers are showered on idols of the Deities. Naivadya (food offerings) is offered to Gauri and Eshwar. After the puja is done, theerth and prasad are distributed to devotees.

Glory of Kedareshwara Vrata

Glory of Kedareshwara Vrata is mentioned in many Hindu sacred texts. Goddess Parvati observed the puja with utmost devotion and got half body of Lord Shiva. Lord Sri Maha Vishnu performed Kedar Puja and blessed with Vaikunta Loka. Lord Brahma observed Kedareshwar Puja to be blessed with Hamsa vahanam (Swan Vahicle). Bhagyavati and Punyavati got a lot of wealth observing Kedara Vrata.

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